Career Crashers 68: Joe Pas on How Daily Blogging and Personal Projects Help You Win Opportunities

Corné van Straten
December 2020

“Be clear, then funny.”

Joe Pas is a marketing associate at Marginal Revolution University (M.R.U.) and an alumnus of the Praxis Bootcamp.

Joe has an incredibly varied set of work experiences and used that range to become adaptable and confident with new opportunities.

In this episode, Joe talks with Joel about his experiences and how they have helped him to succeed in his career in marketing. He also shares how he won his current role with the help of daily blogging and his process for pitching companies about job opportunities.

“They hired me on the strength of my body of work, specifically my blog posts. I had, at that time, somewhere around 200 blog posts. And they were like ‘okay, this guy is committed. He can stick with something. His writing is really really good. We want to take a chance on him.'”

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Show notes

  • How Joe uses his website to pique interest and signal adaptability.
  • Why it’s a good idea to show personality, rather than just ‘stay professional.’
  • How Joe ended up at Praxis and how his body of work helped him get hired, despite no previous work experience.
  • Why Joe wrote sales copy for eating insects (crickets) as a side project, and what it taught him.
  • Joe’s work flow when he was job hunting, using Crash.
  • How to do your due diligence on a company and personalize your pitch in less time.

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