Career Crashers Episode 11: Hannah Frankman on Skipping College

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

Everyone thought she was nuts when she talked about not going to school. She also never liked the word “career”–it felt boring and stuffy. 

But as she was working and exploring out in the world, she became interested in things that would technically be called “careers.” And she realized those were far more useful modes of getting intellectual education.

So she made a pitch–an adamant pitch to come on and be the application review intern at Praxis–because she knew Praxis was her next step. And by strategically (and often accidentally) putting her skills to use, she has the perfect job description–all at the age of a senior in college.

Hannah Frankman is the community manager for Praxis. She joins Career Crashers this week to share her story of deciding to skip college and go straight to building a career.


  • How Hannah grew up homeschooled and why she decided to not go to college
  • Answering people when they asked what she was doing instead of going to college
  • How working at a farm, teaching English classes, and reading voraciously prepared Hannah for her opportunity with Praxis
  • How Hannah pitched Praxis on being an intern and used that role to land a full-time opportunity
  • Letting work, enthusiasm, and patience lead to future opportunities


Learn more about Hannah at hannahfrankman.com

Connect with Hannah on Twitter: twitter.com/hannahfrankman

Read the Praxis blog Hannah mentions at discoverpraxis.com/blog


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