Career Crashers Episode 12: Keith Farrell on Creating a Career as a Writer

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

After spending tens of thousands of dollars and six years on college, Keith realized something would have to change for him to create the career he wanted.

So he decided to pursue his passion for writing, found ways to create value, and created a career for himself as a ghostwriter.

Keith Farrell is an author, ghostwriter, and aspiring screenwriter. He shared his inspiring story with us, and Isaac Morehouse reads it on Career Crashers.


  • How a low point led Keith to decide to pursue a career in writing
  • Writing political op-eds as the first signal for his writing
  • Finding the intersection of stuff you don’t hate, stuff you can do, and stuff others value as the place to start creating
  • Getting his first job in writing, then breaking out as a freelance ghostwriter


Learn more about Keith at keithfarrell.com

Read this story in article format here.


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