Career Crashers Episode 13: Stacey Ferreira on Dropping Out and Founding Forge

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

Right after graduating from high school, she founded her first company. She’d go on to drop out of college (twice), join the Thiel Fellowship (without applying), and start a company focused on her fascination with the future of work.

Everyone accepts that spending four years and a lot of money going to college is an investment in yourself. But what if you spent half that time and half that money trying to start a business?

Stacey Ferreira’s story shows investing in yourself is much, much better.

This week on Career Crashers, Stacey joins the show to talk about her experience of launching a company at eighteen that raised $1.2M in funding, learning from real-world experience over the classroom, and so much more.


  • How Stacey started a business and raised 1.2M in venture capital right after high school
  • How being young can be an advantage when you’re starting your career
  • Why and how Stacey learned to code
  • How video games can lead to learning and opportunities
  • Challenges and lessons learned building a company as an eighteen-year-old
  • How people overlook the positives that individuals get from starting companies, even if the company isn’t financially successful
  • Making the decision to leave college for the Thiel Fellowship
  • The idea that led Stacey to create Forge
  • Stacey’s advice for young people just starting their careers


Connect with Stacey at: twitter.com/staceyferreira

Learn more about Forge at: joinforge.com


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