Career Crashers Episode 14: Garrett Smiley on Rethinking High School

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

For most people, high school is all about getting into the best college. But if college is no longer the key to a successful career, you can begin to rethink the entire education process.

So what if high school was designed with you in mind?

What if you had someone help you map out your learning path as a teen so you could better approach a career you’ll love?

That’s what Garrett Smiley is doing.

This week on Career Crashers, Garrett joins the show to talk about the future of high school. He’s one of the co-founders of Sora Schools, where he’s helping build a network of schools that put the student’s goals first.


  • Why Garrett and his founding partners created Sora Schools
  • The first principles Sora uses when designing education
  • Learning from his experience of going to different private schools and seeing that most schools are broken in the same ways
  • A day in the life of a Sora School student
  • What’s next for Sora Schools


Connect with Garrett at: twitter.com/gw_smiles

Learn more about Sora Schools at: soraschools.com


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