Career Crashers Episode 15: Jason Rink on the Journey Toward Your Dream Career

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2019

He spent a year in film school. But he couldn’t afford it.

So he dropped out.

Then he spent ten years in the financial services industry.

But he wanted to make movies.

So he started creating. He became resourceful.

He pursued his dream and did what he could to make it happen.

And he made his dream reality.

Now, Jason Rink is the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Simplifilm–his own film studio–and has created his dream career.

On this episode of Career Crashers, Jason shares his story and how he leveraged opportunities in other roles to launch a career he loves.


  • Jason’s career journey–from dropping out, to banking, to film
  • How creative people are often perfectionists, and why you’ve just got to launch it
  • How to look around at what types of new career opportunities your past interests and career capital would be well-suited for
  • Using a financial services role to learn highly-valuable skills
  • Why a role at a non-profit worked as an intermediate step between his career in banking and starting a film company
  • Why working for others is often the best path to working for yourself


Learn more about Jason at: jasonrink.com

Learn more about Simplifilm at: simplifilm.com


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