Career Crashers Episode 18: Season One Finale

Morgan Von Gunten
May 2019

Isaac Morehouse on the State of Job Searches and How You Can Set Yourself Apart

What if you had an advertisement in Times Square for one day?

It’s a picture of you. It says, “Hire me to crush it for your company in sales.”

As crazy as it sounds, it’s easy to bet you’d get media attention, interviews in newspapers–and we’d bet you’d have companies looking you up, ready to see the value you could create for them.

You could try tons of experiments like that. You could see what you could do in six years for $100,000 to get the attention of a company you’re interested in to get your first job.

It’s true–the typical education-to-career conveyor belt idea is so calcified in most people’s minds. Yet it blinds us to the many amazing, creative ways we can crash the job market.

Companies are hungry for talent.

But instead of increasing the volume of the resumes you’re sending out or the applications you’re submitting, try increasing the creativity, the depth, the quality of what you’re showing them.

That’s what’ll make you stand out.

On the final episode of the first season of Career Crashers, Isaac Morehouse shares some thoughts on the state of job searches and how you can set yourself apart.


  • What recruiters say will get a resume rejected
  • The things recruiters really want to see when you’re applying to jobs
  • How it’s not lazy to apply to fewer jobs–and why ten tailored pitches will blow away the response rate from a hundred resumes
  • Approaching the job hunt with a new mindset
  • Reframing your expectations–why no one owes you a paycheck, and how you have to do the work to prove you can do the work
  • A great place to start (even if you’re not actively on the job market) to build a digital body of work


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