Career Crashers Episode 22: Dave Wasmer on Crashing a Career in Tech

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

No one expects you to be perfect when you’re at the entry-level end of your career. But if you just show execution and show up consistently and do good work, that sets you apart so much.

When Dave graduated from college with a degree in economics, he wasn’t sure where he wanted his career to go. He used his self-taught programming skills to get an opportunity at a large corporation, but he soon realized the corporate environment wasn’t the place for him to flourish.

Then a serendipitous blog post connected him with a startup. And everything starting falling into place.

Writing that blog post won’t guarantee you get a job. But it increases the odds that something will happen somewhere. If you get enough activity out there, the odds multiply. It becomes almost inevitable that something will happen.

Now Dave is Crash’s own Head of Engineering. In this episode, he shares the stories of how he crashed his career and built his way to great opportunities.

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Show notes

  • How Dave crashed his career to get his first job in engineering for a software startup
  • How blogging an idea led to a unique job opportunity
  • Increasing your Luck Surface Area—you can’t replicate someone else’s luck, but you do things that help you create your own
  • How Dave decided to take a corporate job after college and how it helped him learn that working in startups was more in line with his personality
  • The uncertainty in moving from working at a big company to a startup, but also the decrease in opportunity risk when you work at startups
  • Dave’s advice for people feeling the itch to make a career change:
    1. Learn out loud. Don’t just consume content while you’re learning—find ways to contribute to projects.
    2. Focus on people. Invest your relationships. Get to know the people you’re working with. Through your career, those relationships will matter more than almost anything else.

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