Career Crashers Episode 23: Mitchell Earl on Taking Risks and Betting on Yourself

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

As I’m walking into the interview, I notice they have these old fluorescent lights—half of them are flickering, some of them are out. And we sit down, and they start talking. We go back and forth, and they ask, “So why should we hire you?” And I was like, “Well, I know how to make coffee and I can fix all your lights.” And that was it. They didn’t care about my credentials—they wanted to know could I show up, could I do the job?

Entering college, Mitchell was dead set on becoming a neurosurgeon.

Halfway through college, he was set on becoming a lawyer.

But he learned from experience that those traditionally prestigious careers he was pursuing weren’t actually jobs he liked.

Now, Mitchell Earl is the COO of Praxis and the former Director of Marketing at Crash.

In this fun episode, he joins Isaac Morehouse to talk about crashing his career, knowing the right risks to take in building a career, and how to think through opportunities.

Optimize for experimentation. Be open. If you’re doing good work and making a good impression, things are going to open up for you that probably you’d never have even imagined.

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Show notes

  • How a frank conversation with his law firm boss helped Mitchell change his career direction
  • Going door to door with resumes at law firms in Oklahoma to find a job
  • How offering to change some lightbulbs got Mitchell a job
  • The difference between being confident about the things you can actually do and faking confidence about the things you don’t know how to do
  • Why you should always focus on creating value first, even in the smallest ways, when you’re looking for a job—or starting a new job
  • How Mitchell realized law school wasn’t the right path for him
  • Why choosing career moves that are exciting and interesting to you isn’t as risky as working a job you hate
  • How Michell thinks about career development and focuses on skill growth instead of following a career track

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