Career Crashers Episode 24: Morgan Von Gunten on Moving Fast while Job Hunting

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

Every member of the Crash team has a cool story about crashing their career.

Morgan Von Gunten didn’t have experience in marketing. She’d taken an unconventional path to education, choosing to develop her skills by going through Praxis, to become a better writer and businessperson by doing.

When she found out about an opportunity to pitch herself for a marketing role at Crash, she decided to go all in—she sent a one-page document in as fast as she could.

And she won a job at Crash four days later.

Now, Morgan is the editor and content manager at Crash. On this episode, she shares her story of winning an entry-level role on the Crash team without experience—and how she pushes past perfectionism as a writer and marketer.

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Show notes

  • How Morgan won her opportunity with Crash
  • Why she chose a startup apprenticeship program instead of going to college
  • Isaac’s perspective on why Morgan stood out from other candidates
  • Why speed matters when you’re on the job hunt
  • How Morgan quickly created a pitch for her role with Crash, even though she didn’t know a lot about the role
  • Morgan’s advice for young people that are interested in working in marketing
  • Why writing publicly is one of the most valuable things you can do

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