Career Crashers Episode 25: Jérémy Chevallier on Rethinking Career Trajectory

Morgan Von Gunten
February 2020

Like every member of the Crash team, Jérémy Chevallier hasn’t taken the traditional path to launch his career—he’s experimented, taken risks, and learned from experience.

After interning at a design agency in Arizona, Jérémy went from back-of-house restaurant staff to becoming the co-founder of two startups. Now, he’s the Director of Marketing at Crash—and in this insightful episode of the podcast, he joins Isaac to talk about his career journey, how career trajectories are changing, and how he continues to pursue what makes him come alive.

Psst…you can also learn more about Jérémy’s story in his audio essay here!

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Show notes

  • Why Jérémy left a marketing agency to start his own company
  • Taking a leap of faith to start his own agency with friends
  • How Jérémy leaned from his work helping new designers at GigLoft
  • Why Jérémy has continually pursued entrepreneurial opportunities instead of just getting a steady design job at a big agency
  • How freelance work led him to a full-time opportunity with Crash
  • How the barriers between freelancers and full-time employees are breaking down
  • What a career trajectory means in 2020

Connect with Jérémy

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