Career Crashers Episode 28: Kevin Jones on Going From Sports Journalist to Successful Founder

Morgan Von Gunten
March 2020

Kevin has always approached his career with a focus on the future. He started in sports journalism, covering high school sports on the east coast. With high-quality work, he was quickly able to work his way up to cover the NFL and a number of other sports and teams over a ten-year career.

But as he grew as a journalist, he sensed there were new opportunities that traditional media wasn’t taking advantage of. So he set out on his own to create BlueWire: a venture-funded sports podcast network with close to a hundred shows and great talent across all sports.

In this episode, Kevin joins Isaac to talk about his journey, the skills he used to build his career as a journalist, and the insights that led him to start a company.

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Show notes

  • How Kevin went from a struggling journalist to podcast startup founder and CEO
  • Starting his career in sports journalism and working his way up from high school sports to the NFL
  • Getting fired by the Cleveland Browns
  • Moving to San Francisco to cover the Warriors and 49ers
  • Where the idea for BlueWire came from and why Kevin left his comfortable media job to start a company

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