Career Crashers Episode 29: Levi Morehouse on Maximizing for Impact in Your Career

Morgan Von Gunten
March 2020

Levi started his career as an accountant. He was building a stable career, but then he decided to quit and take a different direction, leading him to entrepreneurship.

Levi Morehouse—yep, Isaac’s brother—is now the founder and CEO of Ceterus, a high-growth fintech startup based in Charleston, SC.

In this episode of the Career Crashers podcast, Levi shares his career crash story.

When you find out that something you’re really interested in and you do for fun is actually valuable to someone else—when I realized people would actually pay money for this thing that’s really fun to me—that sparked the ultimate entrepreneurial piece.

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Show notes

  • Why Levi left his job as an accountant at a big accounting firm to pursue a more entrepreneurial opportunity
  • How Levi recognized what mattered the most to him in his career
  • The conscious and unconscious ways Levi found product-market-founder fit
  • Why the intersection of things that you like to do and that others will pay for is the direction to focus your entrepreneurial efforts
  • How Levi found the right business model once he narrowed in a skill that he liked and others valued
  • Why Levi maximizes for impact in his business and career
  • Defining success

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