Career Crashers Episode 30: Pedro Mattos on How to Win a Job That Doesn’t Exist Yet

Morgan Von Gunten
March 2020

Pedro Mattos is the head of business development at Self-Publishing School, and he’s got an incredible story of winning his first opportunity.

From dropping out of school to running a painting business, starting a gym, and teaching himself sales and marketing tactics, Pedro hasn’t taken the normal career launch path. When he found a company whose mission he loved, he created a pitch—and ended up helping the company grow.

In this episode of Career Crashers, Pedro joins Isaac to break down how he won a great opportunity before it even existed.

This is a fantastic episode, especially if you’re a young career crasher who wants to win a new job at a company you love.

Instead of looking at an application page at a company, instead of blasting out my resume to different opportunities, I got into the mindset of learning what challenges a company has, then looking at my skillsets and giving them a very specific pitch as to how I could solve their problem.

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Show notes

  • How Pedro crashed his career from the start—from a running a five-figure painting business to working in sales for Self-Publishing School
  • How Pedro won his job with Self-Publishing School by pitching his own role and reaching out through unconventional channels
  • Why being a customer helps in the job search
  • Starting a job with a 30-day trial
  • Spending time on a deep job hunt, focused on two companies that really interested him, instead of a broad job hunt

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