Career Crashers Episode 31: Connor Maloney on How to Win a Job Opportunity Without a Degree

Morgan Von Gunten
April 2020

Today, we’re excited to welcome Connor Maloney to the show for a unique episode.

Connor Maloney just finished his job hunt. And despite not being as qualified on paper, he had a lot of success getting interviews.

In this episode, Connor joins Isaac to break down how he created his own opportunities—and found a great job.

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Show notes

  • Running into and working around challenges when applying for jobs without a degree
  • Creating a unique sales project and getting creative about getting it to hiring managers
  • Why pitches and projects set you apart when on the job hunt
  • Creating your own opportunities and not waiting around for opportunity to come to you
  • How economic uncertainty affected but didn’t derail Connor’s job hunt

Connect with Connor

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