Career Crashers Episode 32: Cameron Sorsby on How to go from Customer to CEO

Corné van Straten
April 2020

Have you ever used a great product and thought “I’d love to work for this company”?

Today’s guest, Cameron Sorsby, has an amazing story on how he crashed into his dream job by opting to become an awesome customer first!

Now, only a few years later, he’s the CEO of Praxis: a non-tech, startup career bootcamp and apprenticeship program that helps young people bypass the college credentialing machine, and launch their careers in no time.

“What we’re building is a world-class alternative to college. College just doesn’t make sense in today’s world for more entrepreneurial, ambitious, driven people.”

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Show notes

  • How Cameron thought about starting a career when he was in college (and how that led to an internship with Isaac)
  • How being a great customer can lead to job opportunities
  • Making yourself an indispensable employee
  • Being a team player
  • Worrying about businesses taking advantage of your willingness to work hard
  • Why Praxis is a great way to launch your career

Connect with Cameron

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