Career Crashers Episode 33: Traits Hiring Managers Want, The Most Valuable Skill, and More!

Corné van Straten
April 2020

“What is the number one trait hiring managers look for–aside from technical qualifications?”

Our founder Isaac Morehouse asked for questions on twitter and in the Career Crashers Slack and this was one of the first ones to come up.

As it turns out, soft skills are actually valued higher by hiring managers than technical qualifications! Especially this thing we like to call “forward tilt”.

“You know when you’re sitting there at the interview and somebody is literally leaning over the table, towards you, leaning forward, because they’re so eager and engaged? That’s what you want. People with forward tilt.”

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Show notes

  • What is the most important trait that hiring managers look for?
  • Why the ability to learn is one of the most important skills
  • If a company is not hiring, what is the most effective way to pitch yourself? And who should you send a pitch to?
  • What is the best way to tell if you’re on the right path in your career?
  • How to come up with something that will be valuable as a pitch for a company?

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