Career Crashers Episode 34: Josh Rollins on the behind the scenes of a company’s hiring process

Corné van Straten
April 2020

Have you ever wondered what the hiring process is like from the company’s perspective?

Create a job listing, get dozens of applications and have your pick of the crop. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

It’s actually a nightmare.

Today’s guest, Josh Rollins, one of the founders of Vicinity Capital, was looking to hire someone for a marketing role, to spread awareness about their new company’s mission.

They got 60+ applications in, which was pretty exciting at first. But then, reality set it.

“As we were going through it, I was just getting so drained, looking at what was coming through. A lot of the ‘Dear sir or Madam, please see the attached…’
The best ones were cover letters that were directed at different companies. There were some that said they were looking for a different role than what we were advertising for. It was such a hard waste of time!”

Listen to Josh explain what it takes to stand out (the bar is really low!) and how they ended up making a great hire after all.

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Show notes

  • What is Vicinity Capital and how they are helping local businesses get funding
  • How Josh designed his job posting for a new marketing position
  • What initial applicants for the position were like
  • Why it is way easier than you think to stand out on the job hunt
  • Of all the job applications Josh received what really stood out when deciding who to interview
  • What made a Crash pitch stand out
  • How Josh set up their project challenge during the application process and what they were looking for

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