Career Crashers Episode 36: Joel Bein on mastering the job hunt

Corné van Straten
May 2020

Joel Bein is a classically trained musician and conductor and the founder of the New Orleans Chamber Players. Over the past ten years he has built a very promising and successful career as a music educator. But along the way he identified the pull to do something more.

“The sirens had been calling for me to stay and keep that identity as my 100% identity.

I got a master’s degree, I was on track to get a doctorate and become a professor. I could have all that status and prestige. I have all this career capital in that realm.

But I realized that I wanted to author my own script. Because life is not a dress rehearsal. You get one chance. And I want to really come alive in every possible way.”

After that decision Joel started a job hunt looking for a role in sales at an innovative company as the first step in his new career. By thinking outside the box and investing in personalized pitches to companies, Joel is landing interviews left and right, despite his lack of sales experience.

“It’s been a fun, exciting, motivating process to do the pitches. Because you know you’re putting yourself out there in this bold and very creative way. 

And I’ve had a great return on the investment. Most of the time, up until this pandemic and the hiring freezes started coming up these last six weeks, I was probably getting 80% return rate in terms of interviews.

Oftentimes, within a few hours I would get an email back from a recruiter saying “I want to interview you”. So it’s really exciting to stand out like that. 

Listen to Joel break down how he’s running such an effective job hunt!

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Show notes

  • How Joel started his career as a music educator and came to realize that he wanted to change direction
  • How Joel envisions his new focus and why he is pursuing sales opportunities
  • How Joel manages his job hunt
  • Why tailored pitches lead to way more interviews
  • Breaking down the steps Joel takes from finding a company he is interested in, to finding the right contacts, to creating and sending a pitch Joel’s process of preparing for interviews
  • What do you do after an interview? How do you follow up?

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