Career Crashers Episode 38: Heather Morehouse on family and career

Corné van Straten
May 2020

“I liked learning. But after a while the learning gets lost in the mediocrity of it.”

Heather Morehouse had always done very well in school, and with a family full of academics, it was fully expected that she would get that college degree.

But she hated it.

So with only a few semesters to go, she decided to defy all social pressure and the feelings of being a failure that were sure to come with what she was about to do next: dropping out.

“This was on the heels of at least six years of school burnout. I really took it seriously for years. I did my best, I worked hard to get good grades. I just did it. I didn’t really know why.”

What was next was a career as a full-time homemaker in the Morehouse family.

“To me, it was a no-brainer to make the decision into building a home—being a home maker.”

Through running the family almost like a business, Heather ended up providing Isaac with all the time and mental space he needed to successfully launch and run Praxis (and now also Crash)!

Listen to Heather’s story of what the rollercoaster is like, of being a spouse to somebody who starts and runs startup companies.

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Show notes

  • Heather’s experience with college, thinking about majors, and deciding to leave after 3 years
  • When did Heather decide she wanted to focus on family full-time
  • Voluntary division of labor within a family
  • Growing risk tolerance from experience
  • An entrepreneurs business as a member of the family
  • Transitioning the role of a home educator over time

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