Career Crashers Episode 39: Amanda Kingsmith on building a rewarding and flexible career

Corné van Straten
June 2020

Amanda Kingsmith is living the digital nomad dream. As an almost full time traveler, podcaster, yoga teacher and business coach with multiple income sources, she’s as free as a bird.

But her world didn’t always look this way.

“When I was in university, I was very much on that straight shot to middle manager at some oil and gas company.”

When she eventually decided to make a change from the corporate world to become a yoga teacher, she encountered a new problem: she knew how to teach yoga, but she had no idea how to make money from it.

How do you get a job or get private clients as a yoga teacher?

As she was learning how to find her way in this new space, she decided that she should write down what she was learning so that she could share it with other people. After all, if she was experiencing this, other people must be too.

Amanda ended up turning her process of learning out loud about this subject into a podcast: Mastering the Business of Yoga. But with only six months of experience as a yoga teacher, there was definitely some hesitation.

“I was totally intimidated. It was definitely close to making me not even do it, but I’m glad I pushed through that imposter syndrome.” 

Listen to how Amanda’s journey started with nothing to end up where she is now, and her advice to anybody who’s looking to do the same thing.

“You just have to start, you have to try, you have to learn. You have to do things kind of poorly at first.

Inevitably things aren’t going to be perfect when you start, but you just need to start doing it. If you have an inkling for something, just move one step towards it. Eventually, you’ll get there.” 

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Show notes

  • How Amanda made a big career change, started working as a yoga teacher, and started a podcast to share more about what she was learning
  • You don’t have to be an expert to create content about a topic
  • Creating a Udemy course as a relatively new yoga teacher
  • Podcasting as a way to learn
  • How to stay productive when you’re working and traveling
  • Staying organized when you’re working on lots of different projects
  • You can’t predict the direction your career will take when you’re learning and investing your time in projects that help you grow
  • Planning to travel with a family
  • The power of just getting started with the things you like

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