Career Crashers Episode 41: Jeff Sandefer on transitioning from business success to reimagining education

Corné van Straten
June 2020

“From then on out, I was determined that I was going to choose my boss. I wasn’t ever going to carry somebody else’s rocks.” 

Jeff Sandefer started his first business at age sixteen after a less than pleasant experience carrying rocks in the Texas summer heat.

After earning an MBA, he founded Sandefer Offshore, an oil and gas company that generated over $500 million in profits in less than five years. He then ran Sandefer Capital Partners, a multi-billion dollar energy firm.

Over the last fifteen years, Sandefer has worked with entrepreneur-teachers to build a nationally acclaimed entrepreneurship program.

You have to figure out what’s your superpower. There’s something you’re naturally good at, and I believe you have to put in the discipline and the deliberate practice to become so good at it that people will pay you a lot of money per hour for doing it.

In this episode, Isaac and Jeff talk about Jeff’s history with entrepreneurship, finding meaning in reimagining education, and insights on starting your career.

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Show notes

  • How Jeff’s family influenced his development as an entrepreneur
  • Learning that he wanted to choose his own boss
  • Why incentives matter in work
  • Finding success in business and focusing on meaning
  • Finding your superpower
  • Your career as a hero’s journey
  • You have to be willing to suffer to succeed

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