Career Crashers Episode 8: Austen Allred on Launching Lambda School and Learning from Failure

Morgan Von Gunten
March 2019

He had an idea. But he didn’t know how to make it happen.

So he lived in his car. Got a job at a marketing firm. His company got funded, then it failed. But he worked hard and learned fast.

Now, Austen Allred is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lambda School, a 9-month, immersive program that gives students the tools and training to launch new careers in tech—from the comfort of your own home. Students only pay once they are hired after the program, so Lambda is completely accountable for the results they promise.

Austen joins the podcast to talk about launching his career in marketing and founding Lambda School.


  • What is Lambda school?
  • Moving to San Francisco and living in his car to launch his career
  • How Austen got his start
  • Learning from the failure of his first company
  • Stories of Lambda School alumni


Learn more about Lambda School at lambdaschool.com

Follow Austen on Twitter: twitter.com/Austen


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