Career Crashers Episode 9: Thaddeus Russell on Creating a Career as an Intellectual Entrepreneur

Morgan Von Gunten
March 2019

There are certain areas where people think you can get by without going to college. If you’re going into a trade or starting a business, people get that you can get by without college. But what about being a history professor?

In this episode, Thaddeus Russell talks about his experiences working as a professor at elite colleges and eventually breaking out to create Renegade University.


  • How Thaddeus’ early experiences as a professor led him to think about options outside academia and eventually create Renegade University
  • Building an education company around his field of study
  • How colleges insulate professors from the market
  • What provoked Thaddeus to leave academia and start his own business
  • The entrepreneurial opportunities that exist for charismatic and compelling professors


Learn more about Renegade University at thaddeusrussell.com

Follow Thad on twitter: twitter.com/ThaddeusRussell


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