Career Crashers Episodes 2 & 3: Tim Chermak on Creating a Career in Marketing

Mitchell Earl
February 2019

Tim Chermak is the CEO and founder of Platform Marketing. In this two-part installment, Tim joins Isaac to talk about how Tim dropped out of college and launched his career helping small businesses with marketing and turned that opportunity into a thriving company, Platform Marketing.


  • The first step Tim took to starting his career.
  • Realizing he wasn’t interested in finance
  • The difference between what he learned in marketing classes and what he learned on his own from marketing blogs, books, and seminars
  • Lessons learned starting his career


Visit Platform Marketing for more info about how to work with Tim.


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From High School to Full-time Marketer with Tim Chermak

In this episode, Tim Chermak shares the story of how he decided to hire a young employee, Elisheva Hinkle, at the start of her career.

This story shows how to separate yourself from the pack and get noticed when you’re looking for opportunities–and it’s not about connections or an impressive resume.


  • Using creativity to make an impression to a company
  • Offering to work for free for a trial period
  • Getting specific about how you can create value for a company
  • Most companies are looking for good people all the time, even if they aren’t publicly posting about hiring
  • It’s way easier than you think to stand out in the hiring process


Visit Elisheva Hinkle’s website for more info ab out how she launched her career as a marketer.


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