Career Crashers Episodes 4 & 5: Chuck Grimmett on Being Generous with Your Work

Mitchell Earl
February 2019

Chuck Grimmett is the product manager at Crash. He joins Isaac to talk about how he launched his career through photography, internships, and a willingness to share his work.


  • How Chuck used photography to land an internship with the Foundation for Economic Education and then transition to his first full-time role out of college
  • The power of being an engaged customer for creating career opportunities
  • How free work pays off in the future Creating opportunities with photography
  • Doing more than just applying for an opportunity


Visit Foundation for Economic Education

Chuck Grimmett’s Personal Website


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Seizing Opportunity Before You’re Ready with Chuck Grimmett

In the last episode Chuck shared his story of launching his career with the Foundation for Economic Education, and in this episode, Chuck talks about how he transitioned from his first job into his career working in tech.


  • Saying yes to projects before you are 100% ready
  • Just in time learning instead of just in case learning
  • Using side-projects to build trust and create opportunities
  • How consistently creating leads to opportunities


Also listen to this on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, TuneIn, and Overcast.

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