Career Crashers Episode 6: Christopher Lochhead on Crashing a Company to Launch a Career

Mitchell Earl
February 2019


Christopher Lochhead was kicked out of school at age 18. He had no choice but to start a company. There are no punches pulled, just brutally honest truth about creating your own path. Check out his full story and more in this week’s episode.

Chris is a two-time best-selling author, a three-time Chief Marketing Officer, and advisor to over 50 startups. He joins Career Crashers to share the story of how he co-founded a company at 18 to start his career.


  • How Chris launched his career by starting a company
  • Creating a character to “lead” the business
  • How Chris and his partner got their first clients with cold calling
  • Saying yes to opportunities and learning on the fly
  • Closing down his company and getting a job at a software startup
  • Having a reason to connect with people instead of no-context networking
  • Making connections as an introverted extrovert
  • Why you should follow your different


Learn more about Chris at www.lochhead.com.

Read Play Bigger and Niche Down: https://lochhead.com/play-bigger/

Listen to Follow Your Different: View in iTunes here


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