Crash Log Podcast

Crash Log: The New Engineering Podcast

Morgan Von Gunten
May 2019

What’s it like building a product from the ground up?

What technology is used to create Crash?

The answers to these questions are deep, and they’ll teach you a lot–and the team building our platform wanted to dive into them.

So they decided to create a podcast.

The Crash Log

Crash Log Podcast

Dave Wasmer and Ilya Radchenko, the engineering guys at Crash, just launched Crash Log, a podcast on which they talk about the journey of building an Ember and Node web app.

They’ll cover:

  • The daily work they do on an engineering team
  • The technology they use
  • Building a team
  • How to manage your work
  • And more!

Listen to the kickoff episode here. And follow the podcast to hear every new episode here.

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