The Career Crashers Podcast is Back!

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

Finally. 😉

Welcome back to Career Crashers!

After a hiatus, Isaac is back to deliver lessons and stories of people who’ve won great job opportunities in creative ways.

Every Tuesday (mark yer calendars!), you’ll find a new episode with inspiration and motivation to take the next big step toward standing out and getting hired.

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Show notes

  • [0:46] What to expect from new Career Crashers episodes
  • [1:38] The stories and interviews Isaac is starting it off with
  • [2:11] We want you to send us stories—even if it’s yours! Email Isaac [at] Crash [dot] co!
  • [3:12] The threads that run through Carer Crashers and how close they are to Isaac’s story and approach to life and careers
  • [3:54] Where people start comprising when it comes to their careers, and why you should break out of the mindset that you should follow the rules—and why instead, you can flip that mindset on its head to yield better results
  • [5:38] Forgetting about finding your passion as you start your career and focusing on not doing stuff you hate
  • [6:43] Becoming knowable for something by showing your work—sharing what you’re working on and learning about matters and leads to opportunities you’d never expect
  • [8:29] Doing something each day to create

We want to share your Career Crash stories.

If you know of a cool story about someone who won an interview or a job or an opportunity in an interesting way—even if it’s you!—we want to hear it.

These stories don’t have to be about famous people. We want to share the stories of anyone who has moved closer to the life they want to live by doing something out of the box.

If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, don’t hesitate! Email Isaac at Isaac [at] Crash [dot] co.

You can stay up-to-date on every Career Crasher episode as it launches here.

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