Why Hiring Managers Prefer Crash Pitches to Resumes

Isaac Morehouse
November 2019

Six seconds.

That’s how long hiring managers look at your resume.

They are looking for something in that six seconds that makes them want to look longer. And they rarely find it. One out of every 250 resumes gets an offer.

So how can you convey your skill and ability in a way that captures their attention and wins interviews?

The Pitch Pyramid of Attention

We created the Crash pitches with those six seconds in mind. It begins with the question, “What can I show in six seconds that makes someone want to spend thirty seconds?”

And what can you show in thirty seconds to win a few minutes? And what in those few minutes to win an interview?

The best way to write an article is to make the goal of each sentence to get the reader to want to read the next. Your pitch is no different.

Turns out, hiring managers don’t just want to know where you went to school and worked and what awards you won. They want to know:

  • The types of roles you’re interested in and whether it’s what they have
  • The skills you bring to the table and whether they’re relevant for those roles
  • What you’ve done to prove those skills–whether previous work or projects
  • What software tools you’re familiar with and proof
  • If you’re a learner and a hard worker, as evidenced by what you’ve done
  • If you seem like an interesting, nice person they’d want to talk to

A resume relies almost entirely on third parties. Credentials, participation history, grades, and awards.

It doesn’t speak to most of the things hiring managers are looking for. Unless you have a really-excellent and highly-relevant work history, the resume doesn’t connect you to the role they’re trying to fill.

Crash pitches are different.

They begin with role types. They offer ample opportunity to showcase your work and skills through projects and video and share your personal tech stack along with proof. They show your personality, creativity, and allow you to frame your past experience with a strong narrative.

The Secret Sauce

One step beyond the basic pitch, the thing that really gets hiring managers excited are targeted pitches.

Showing your skills for some roles is great. Showing your interest in one specific job at one specific company is world-class.

Nothing screams, “Interview this person!” like a targeted pitch made just for them showing what you’d do in your first sixty days on the job, or sharing what you’ve already made for them.

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