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Shoot a Pitch Video to Get a Job (you can do it)

Joel Bein
Joel Bein
January 2021

When you first start, it seems hard to shoot a pitch video.

Voices run through your head: “What will I say?” “I think I’ll mess up.” “Is my background ok?” “It’s not good enough.”

Guess what? Those thoughts make sense, because you want to do well. And you’re not alone.

But guess what, again. Your video is good enough!

Part of you still may disagree. Yes, as the blogger writing to the Crash audience at large and not watching your specific video, I can’t guarantee it. You may need to do another take.

But in my experience, perfectionism gets the best of us. In reality, your video is excellent. Just smile, talk about why you like that company, and how you’ll create value!

Ship the pitch. Remember the power of good enough.

And remember the very fact that you are sending ANY video puts you in the top 1% of job seekers! You’ll be on your way to get a job fast. 🚀

Yes, strive for quality. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable looking into a webcam.

But you’ll get better the more you do it. So have fun, and don’t overthink it!

Avoid getting stuck, and shoot the pitch video.

(And feel free to email me joel at crash dot co for personal tips and guidance). 🙂