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Start Your Career With This Personality Test

Morgan Von Gunten
Morgan Von Gunten
June 2019

I feel it–the anxiety. Options paralyze me.

I scroll through the jobs board, try to find something.

Business Development Associate. Sounds boring.

Data Analyst. Could I even do that?

Creative Consultant. That sounds great. But I don’t know how to get there.

Look, I just want to get a job I enjoy. A full-time one. Get paid for it, yes. But I want to love my career.

Doubt nags me. You can’t even decide.

I know, I say back. But I want career success. I’ve got to think before trying.

You’ll never start, then.

I tap the keyboard, hard. It’s true. I don’t know how to take my first step.

Where do I begin?

That’s why we created Discover.

Discover was made to help you overcome the first obstacles you hit when launching your career–what job titles mean, what career fits you best, how to overcome anxiety about stepping into a role you fear might be terrible.

Really quick, what is Discover?

Simply put, Discover is a personality test made to help you start. Through this quiz, you’re able to discover your unique personality and get instant suggestions for roles that might fit.

But let’s dive a bit deeper.

One Job Doesn’t Fit Everyone

If you saw a job title like Business Development Associate, you might think it really does sound boring. It’s hard to know what that job’s all about, and you won’t be able to know if it fits your personality.

But we’ve actually seen, again and again, people with certain personality types love their jobs as Business Development Associates–or other boring-sounding roles.

We want to help you discover categories of jobs that fit–not based on job titles that make no sense and aren’t connected to you personally, but based on who you are.

Ready to try Discover? Get started here.

Find the Next Best Step

It’s easy to get anxious about being “pigeonholed”–going into a job and getting stuck there. But Discover’s made to only identify a few big categories of jobs (I’ll go more in-depth on what they are down below)–and those categories are all about the best next step, not what you’ll do in five or ten years.

I’ve really felt it–the anxiety of feeling like you’ve got to find and pick the perfect career right from the start. But we made Discover to relieve that pressure.

Instead of getting too specific (which can also cause anxiety), Discover points you in a direction that fits who you are and says, “There. That’s your best next step.”

This is how career launch gets fun, experimental. You can explore what Discover suggests and not go wildy off-path.

But Here’s What Discover Isn’t

The truth is, there’s probably no personality test that tells you what you’ll be great at forever.

Career paths change. So do you–with every experience, role, and project, you’ll narrow your interests and discover something new about what you like and what you don’t like.

So Discover’s point isn’t to tell you what you are or give you a scientific answer about what, exactly, you’d be perfect in forever.

It was made for something better.

Discover exists to help you start.

It was made to help you eliminate the anxiety that holds you back from just beginning.

It’ll point you in directions you can take, even if you don’t have experience in them–because no one starts with experience.

Careers are experiments. There’s no “one perfect path”. Instead, there are tons of paths out there. Discover’s made to show you a narrowed-down place you can start–start searching, start trying. Start experimenting in the real world. Because the best (and only) way to figure out what you want to do is to try things and do things and cross of things you don’t enjoy and pivot to what you realize you do enjoy.

Inside Discover

The Role Categories

Customer Service. Sales. Marketing. Operations. Software Engineering. Design.

These six role categories are huge. They’re not limited–many different roles fit inside them.

Early sketches of Discover's archetype illustrations.
Early sketches of Discover’s archetype illustrations.

The thing is, we know you can actually start in these roles–because our team’s been helping people launch careers at startups in these role categories for the last half decade.

We want to add more role types in the future. But for now, we’ve seen these six categories hold the top entry-level jobs you can start in now.

The “Extra Work” Suggestions

If you take Discover, you’ll notice your results will suggest at least one suggested role and at least one role that, if you went for it, might take a bit of extra work.

We did this because you’ll be a natural fit for some roles, but not for all. They’re still options, but there might be a bit more work involved to feel at home in that role.

A Few Fun Facts About Discover

To learn more about how Discover was made, how it works, I hopped on a call with Chuck Grimmett, our Product Manager in New York. Here are some cool things he told me.

  • Discover took months to make
  • Chuck spent two weeks reading pscyhological research and papers on the OCEAN Big Five to get ready for Discover
  • Discover originally had 50 questions. It now has 30 (so it’s faster)
  • There are 20 archetypes (ten sets of traits, but doubled when adding introversion and extroversion)
  • Even if you get the same archetype as someone else, your role suggestions are 100% unique (because there are 256-to-the-eighth-power possible combinations)
  • Originally, Chuck made a version of Discover that used the Big Five traits. It was standard. But it didn’t quite help him get the results he wanted–it told you psychological personality traits, and he realized he wanted work-style traits. So he threw out a bunch of traits and made a new version
  • Chuck knew the end result he wanted for the test: to find out who was suited to the six role categories Discover points people to. So to figure out those traits, he put together a list of people he knew were in those roles, asked himself, “What traits do they have in these roles?” and “What’s the one thing that matters in this role?” and went from there

The Time to Start is Now

It’s time to eliminate the anxiety to begin and cross off options that don’t fit your personality.

Discover’s the first step to starting.

Start your career now.

Take the Discover personality test to discover your unique personality and find roles that might fit.

P.S. My Discover archetype is Storyteller, and my suggested role category is design. And guess what? I started my career in design. I didn’t end up in a full-time design role, but it was where I started. And that’s what Discover’s all about.

P.P.S. What’re you waiting for? Go take the test.