Crash is all about showing your work. It’s one of the strongest ways to prove your ability to create value. It’s also a great way to win opportunities and stand out from the crowd.

Last week, this idea got us thinking.

We need to show our work. But not just as individuals–as a startup.

So we’re going to write a Crash Report–often! You’ll get a deeper look into the work we’re doing, the projects we’re focusing on, and the mission at our core.

Welcome to the inside of a startup.

An Outsider Look

Isaac (our CEO) wrote (and rewrote) several pages of notes last week, trying to figure out the best ways to communicate the core value proposition of Crash.

It’s too easy for insiders to forget how outsiders see the company. It’s harder than we ever imagined to communicate a company mission quickly, easily. It has to constantly be refined and road-tested.


We’re going to be testing new messaging and positioning over the coming weeks. This means trying out a new landing page (something Mitchell and Morgan, the marketing team, worked on last week).

We can’t wait for this–we’ll be able to see what messaging reaches people best.

Isaac also spent a lot of time thinking through and sketching out the process we’re going to use to systematically build and test all the stuff we have in mind. He’s focused on the next few two-week “sprints”, what questions we’re trying to answer with them, and how to prioritize and measure the results.

A huge part of the process is about reducing the scope of what we’re trying to do in the near term (which hopefully enhances our ability to do more in the long term!).

Crash on the Job Market

We’ve been building a pipeline of job seekers to test Crash–and the response has been great. After a short application process, we selected ten people to test out Crash on the job market! We’re excited to work with this awesome group for a bit, and we can’t wait to see what happens after they build their profiles.

The Platform

This last week, the engineering team (Chuck, Ilya, and Dave) made several small process improvements and shipped the ability for platform users to see “prove it” videos for tech stacks on a profile. Now, hiring managers can see you demonstrate your abilities with a video.

Something New is Coming

We’ve been working on a book! It’ll be a small pocketbook that shows you how to build skills, prove them through projects, and pitch your value to companies and customers with direct value propositions.

This week, Isaac made a few tweaks to the draft, we finally got our first physical copies, and we’re incredibly excited to launch it soon (so keep an eye out!).

A Few More Things

  • Shipped out swag boxes to our first fifty beta users! They love them.
  • Participated in the Homeschool Connect Expo this weekend to promote Crash. This was a great audience of people who see the value of alternative approaches to their education and careers.
  • Recorded the very first episode of the Crash engineering team podcast (Crash Log).
  • Answered a bunch of Quora questions (we hit close to 20k views this week!).
  • Met with a few executives to better understand their talent needs.
  • Talked to three organizations about potential partnerships.
  • Recorded podcast interviews.
  • Made travel plans–the entire Crash team is meeting up at headquarters soon!

And that’s it!

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