This week, our team shipped a brand new design for the Crash profile.

The discussions were long. The debates, thoughtful. The design of our skills profile wasn’t working as well as we’d hoped.

But then a new design emerged.

The New Profile

We’re incredibly excited about this. It means users get to create tailored pitches to specific companies. They also don’t lose out on presenting a general profile–now, you get both.

This new design brings us one step closer to finding our sweet spot: creating a platform career launchers and hiring managers can use to their full advantage.

We’re going to use our new design to test a few assumptions and improve some shortcomings the previous version had.

Because of this update, we transitioned job-seekers already using our platform to the new profile design. We can’t wait to see how they use it to show their work and hopefully land interview opportunities!

(If you’re on the job market, want to be in on this new profile, and want a cool new way to show your work to employers, join our platform’s waiting list.)

And, speaking of design: our website also got updated! Check out our new landing page here.

Zero to Interview Campaign

Something else incredibly exciting happened this week, too: we kicked off a new cohort of Crashers. This means we’ve got eleven new users on-boarded to the platform, working on their new profiles, and about to use them in their job-hunting process.

Our team also did a handful of one-on-one calls with young career launchers to understand their goals and painponts. This’ll help us learn how to design the Crash profile to help them best.

Book Launch

The launch plan of our upcoming pocketbook is being finalized! So far, we’ve booked half a dozen podcast interviews for it–with a focus on graduation season. We also added some content to the book. Keep an eye out for it–it’s coming soon!


We reached over 40k views on our Quora answers this week. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lolita’s answer to “Why are 6-year-olds more enthusiastic about school than 17-year-olds?”
  • Mitchell’s answer to, “Is staying at one organization for a long time good or bad for one’s career? Why?”
  • Lolita’s answer to, “What are some good job hunting strategies?”
  • Mitchell’s answer to, “What are good ways to get a job when having no experience?
  • Lolita’s answer to, “What is the single biggest green flag during a job interview?”

We also sent out another newsletter filled with the best in career content. If you missed it, read the email here!

Office Hours is Coming

Have you ever wondered how you could take charge of your life and career? Did you know philosophical discussions between our CEO and T.K. Coleman, the Director of Education at Praxis, were a thing?

They happen in Office Hours, one of our favorite podcasts.

And Crash is going to be a part of it!

Season three of Office Hours is returning, and Isaac and T.K. will break down listener questions about life and work.

This week, Isaac did a marathon recording session–here’s a fun sneak peek:

See those books in front of Isaac? Those are copies of our new pocketbook!

Get notified of the season’s release this Thursday here.

And that’s it!

This week was busy and good, and we can’t wait for what next week brings.

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