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Be Different, Get Hired: Why You Should Ditch Your Cover Letter and Win with a Tailored Pitch

Morgan Von Gunten
January 2020

Imagine with me for a minute that eight hundred people apply to one entry-level role.

That’s a lot of people, yes, but focus on something with me: the resumes.

Eight hundred of them.

And they all look the same.

You know it: the twelve-point Times New Roman Font. The list of past jobs. The degrees.

And everyone used one just like it as they applied to that entry-level role.

All except one.

One person.

One short email sent to the hiring manager with a link to a tailored pitch.

One quick video pitch (like this) that says, “Hey! I’m in love with your company’s mission, and here’s why. I’d love to work for you. And to show you what I can do, I created a quick project for free, just for you. It’s linked below. Looking forward to hearing back from you—just click the blue button below this video!”

One person hired.

Show your value to awesome companies with something better.

There’s a reason you’ll hear people say, “Companies are people, too.”

They are. They want to be wanted.

This is where the value of being personal comes in—because almost everyone else isn’t.

799 people are going to use a resume when they apply.

799 will copy and paste a cover letter they wrote once and send it to forty companies.

799 will wait to be discovered. They have value in different ways; they know it. But the company does not.

Yet if you’re personal in:

  • Your research
  • Your genuine excitement
  • Your pitch—the way you reach out, and the way that, even if you apply through the normal application, you connect with someone at the company personally with a kind email that explains why you want to work for them, why you’re excited about the possibility of being on their time, and why you can create value—demonstrated through a video and/or free project made specifically for them

You’ll no longer be part of the majority.

You’ll be one person.

Because you showed why you’re worth hiring.

P.S. Ready to be the awesome individual who stands out to your dream company? Sign up to make your own custom video pitch today—and send a company something they can’t ignore.

This article originally appeared on Quora here.

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