The Job Hunt

How to use Hacker News Jobs Posts in Your Non-Tech Job Search

Chuck Grimmett
October 2019

Did you know that Hacker News, the social news website run by startup incubator Y Combinator has a section on its site just for jobs at YC startups?

Most of these job postings are for engineers and senior management roles, which makes sense because Hacker News attracts readers experienced in the tech startup space.

Don’t get discouraged, though. You can use this for entry-level and non-tech roles as well!

Why? These companies are startups hiring for at least one role. That means they are probably in a growth phase and hiring for more than just senior-level tech roles. Here’s how you can find those other roles:

  • Every single listing leads to a job posting page.
  • Almost every job posting has a link to other jobs at that same company.
  • Most of these include entry level and non-tech roles!

Let’s go through a few as an example:

To make your search a little easier, we went ahead and pulled the last month of posts into a spreadsheet for you. With the help of HNRSS, we keep this spreadsheet up to date with all new Hacker News Jobs posts.

Here is a direct link.

Happy job hunting!

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