The Job Hunt

How to Find Employee Email Addresses

Morgan Von Gunten
October 2019


Subject: Open Position

To whom it may concern,

I saw your open position for…


^ Ever written an email like that?

Yeah. A lot of us have.

Thing is, that kind of email isn’t helping you crush the job hunt.

If you’re tired of blasting out applications and emails and never getting responses from other humans, I want to share with you a quick hack that lets you find employee email addresses at any company.

Here’s how to be different on the job hunt—just by reaching out to someone else.

Step 0: Decide which company and individual you want to target.

If you’re not sure about companies, work on finding your Crashpoint! If you’re not sure who you want to email yet, read How to Find the Hiring Manager.

Step 1: Go to

Hunter is a super helpful little app for finding email addresses. It also features a Chrome extension that makes this whole process even easier.

Step 2: Search for the name or website of the company.

Hunter will automatically pull it up, and show you how many employee email addresses it has found for that company.

Step 3: Form an educated guess of their email address, with some help.

Hunter tells you how emails at that organization are usually formatted. It’ll also (usually) show you some emails it can find. Sometimes it even gives you the email address of the exact person you’re looking for!

Once you know which employee you want to contact, you can also switch to the Finder tab, or, to try combining the person’s name with the company website.

Notice the black tooltip? Hunter is 84% confident of this email address—but it’s not certain. Just because Hunter says it could be, doesn’t mean it is. You want to verify it before sending an email.

Click on the email address to copy it, then switch over to the Verifier tab, or

Step 4: Verify the email address before sending.

Paste the email address into the verifier field, and see what comes up:

As you can see here, Hunter pinged the email server, and discovered that the email is actually not valid. Guess again!

At this point, you can usually try the common variations:

  • {first name} @ … 
  • {last name} @ …
  • {first.last} @ …
  • {first + last} @ …
  • {first initial + last name} @ …

Usually one of these is right. If none are, you can try simply guessing, or reaching out to someone at the company and asking, or even this next trick…

Bonus verification trick: Superhuman!

If you use Superhuman for email ($10/month for enrolled university students), you’ll see a sidebar that populates information about the people you’re talking to. You can compose a new email and try email addresses until Superhuman picks up a profile, which (almost always) means it’s a valid email!

I say “almost always” because in some rare cases, that email address may be old and no longer in service, but still attached to the person’s profile.

In conclusion

Voilà ! You’ve learned a tried-and-true method of finding any employee’s work email address, at any company. You can now send them that awesome email you wrote. Now, learn how to write a great email/cover letter.

You can use this hack to:

  • Reach out to an employee at any company
  • Invite someone currently in the role you’d like to be in to coffee to ask questions about their job
  • Show you’re immensely excited about the company’s mission and why you’re ready to create value for them
  • Send a project you made specifically for that company to someone on the team
  • Be different on the job hunt

When you send that email, here are a few extra handy tips:

  • Since you’re emailing another person, use their first name!
  • Good emails are quick, to the point, and clear about what you’re asking or giving.
  • Read our guide to writing and sending great cover letters, which goes into detail about the principles of great cold emails.
  • Send thank-you notes afterwards!

P.S. Not sure which roles to go for? Check out our career discovery quiz to get some suggestions!