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IBM CEO “Hire Skills, Not Degrees”

Isaac Morehouse
February 2019

I saw this article in Gizmodo about the need for companies to do a better job seeking and finding skills instead of relying on paper credentials.

I don’t disagree, but I don’t think this is a valuable mindset for job-seekers. The idea that employers are doing it wrong and we need to plead for them to identify talent in new ways is disempowering to you. Sit and hope businesses take the initiative?

That’s no fun, and no good.

Flip the burden. Forget companies. What can you do? How can you take responsibility for the need to prove to hirers that you have something more interesting than a degree? How can you build stuff that makes you too good to ignore?

That’s a challenge worth taking. Companies will do what they view as the best for them. Show them that taking a chance on you is the best move they can make.

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