The Power of Visualization on Your Job Hunt

In 1985, Jim Carrey envisioned himself receiving a check for $10 million. Then it happened. Where's the value in the story?

In 1985, Jim Carrey envisioned himself receiving a check for $10 million.

He even wrote himself the check for “acting services rendered,” and dated it 10 years in the future. He kept the check in his wallet.

In 1995, he found out he was cast in the movie Dumb and Dumber – for $10 million.

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Don’t underestimate the power of visualization. Where’s the value in the story?

It’s easy to hear a story like this and write it off:

“It was a coincidence.”
“Yeah, but he had to do the work to get there.”
“That Law of Attraction stuff is bogus.”

Maybe those objections are true.

But please be more selfish!

Instead of asking, “Is it true?” why not ask, “HOW is it true?”

Now, you’re inviting yourself to extract wisdom. 😊

Yes, closing your eyes and imagining yourself getting a job will not by itself get you a job. But there is absolutely truth in the power of visualization. All action starts with thought, and all meaningful action is towards a specific goal. Subsequently, sharpening the vision of your desired outcome sharpens the specificity of daily action you take.

Paint your picture

Begin to develop the picture of getting hired. Spend 3 minutes each morning closing your eyes and painting every detail you can.

  • Where do you work?
  • What do you do each day?
  • How do you feel when you do the work?
  • Who are your team members?
  • How much money do you earn?

Imagine creating your pitch, crushing the interview, and even getting the offer.

Yes of course, you’ll need to do the work to get there, but detailed specificity of your aim will motivate and fuel your daily action. Because when you are definite about what you want, you will heighten your focus, avoid distractions, get things done, and not mess around.

You’ll work with grit. You will be so determined that no obstacles will stop you. And you will power through, over, and around any obstacle in order to achieve your defined, vivid end.

Maybe that’s what Muhammed Ali met when he said,

“Impossible Is Nothing.”

Go crush it.