There’s an assumed path you’re “supposed” to take as you start your professional life.

Then there’s the reality few seem to realize.

Career assumptions vs. career realities

Assumption: high school → college → degree → resume → applications → job

Reality: discovery → skills → projects → showing your work → proving value to companies → career

The difference is deceptively radical and far-reaching.

Paper credentials don’t help you launch an awesome career. They’re generic. They undersell you. They’re not tailored to your abilities and interests. And what recruiters look for is something that differentiates you, anyway!

People are chasing paper credentials for years, and they’re emerging without:

  • Skills valued in the market
  • Knowledge of the best opportunities that fit them
  • Ability to signal their value and win opportunities

What they do have is pressure, debt, expectations, and aimlessness. At a time when they should be creating an awesome life, they end up back in school, back home, delaying, wandering, or working futureless jobs they don’t like.

It’s not that they can’t create value—they can.

It’s that they don’t know where to do it, how to do it, or how to prove it.

What recruiters look for is the value you can create, but they can’t see it. All they see are the same resumes and credentials. It’s not working.

But there’s some really good news – how to offer what recruiters look for

What if anyone who is ready to launch their career, regardless of education status or formal credentials, could:

  • Understand their abilities, interests, and opportunities that fit them
  • Sharpen the skills needed for those opportunities
  • Prove those skills with a powerful digital signal

They can. You can.

You can be your own credential.

It’s time to show the world your value and build a career around your unique abilities and interests. Instead of only listing what you can do on a piece of paper that doesn’t show off your personality, build something and put it online. Write publicly about what you’ve learned and what you’re doing. Show, don’t tell.

Companies are looking for the value you can create.

It’s time to crash your career.

Career crashers don’t hoop-jump and permission-seek. They take the reigns and launch careers.

Companies and hiring managers aren’t hiring resumes. They hire value.

Show your value.

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