It’s Time to Launch a Career — Here’s How

We're creating a community around out of-the-box career launch journeys. Tools, tips, resources, stories, feedback, and ideas to help you take charge.

We’re here for those who want to launch a career the right way—their own way.

But just because you want to go your own way doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

We’re creating a community around out-of-the-box career launch journeys. Tools, tips, resources, stories, feedback, and ideas to help you take charge.

There’s a lot of boring, crap advice out there when it comes to creating a career you love.

The truth is, there are only two things that matter:

  1. Your ability to create value for people
  2. Your ability to prove it

So you need to get a few skills, and you need to find a way to showcase them.

There’s a discovery process necessary to nail value-creation. You don’t need to “find your passion”—that’s too overwhelming at first. But what you can do is figure out:

  1. Stuff you don’t hate
  2. Stuff you don’t suck at
  3. Stuff other people value
Venn diagram of stuff you don't have, stuff you don't suck at, and stuff other people value. Launch your career in the middle of these three things.

Anything that fits in the overlap of those three things is fair game for a step on your career launch journey, and you should probably say “yes” to as many things as you can that meet those three criteria.

That’s how you’ll learn to narrow down to your true sweet spot—through trial and error. Add stuff to the “suck at” and “hate” buckets until you’re left with something truly special where you shine, have fun, and get great financial returns.

But here’s the thing about getting started on those first experiments and opportunities:

You don’t need fancy credentials, prequalifications, or permission slips to launch a career.

Don’t listen to all the boring advice out there about how to follow rules, get grades, format resumes, submit applications, and hope for interview requests. Don’t sit around, waiting to be discovered—you’re too good for that. You don’t need to compete with a pile of old resumes.

Launching your career doesn’t require an invite to the party. Crash it.

That’s what Crash is all about. This is a place—a community, some tools, some resources, some ideas and stories—to flip the switch from passive rule-following to active career-crashing.

This is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot of stories to tell and a lot of fun to have. We hope you love it, and we hope you’ll join all the Crashers out there who are taking charge of their lives and careers!

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Welcome to Crash.