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If you didn’t get the lame pun in the title, I’m talking about Rhodes Scholars, the apex of the prestige-based credentialist game, which supposedly helps with career launch.

That stuff is old news. It’s dead. You don’t need any of that to create a career and life you love.

There are no age restrictions to career launch, no educational preconditions, no fancy paper or bags of cash needed.

Anyone who is truly ready and willing to launch a career can.

There’s a cool idea in the book Play Bigger called “frotos.” It’s an exercise that asks where you’re taking the world from, and where it’s going to.

At Crash, we’re all about career launch. Here are the “frotos” as I see them in the category:

Time to leave the old world of rule-following, grade-grubbing, resume-blasting in the dust and blaze a bold new path.

Join us by sending a pitch to your dream company—it’s better than a resume and cover letter combined, and hiring managers are lovin’ it. Build yours here.

Start the Job Hunt Crash Course

Looking to take action? Remember, resumes have a response rate under 1%.

Video pitches have a response rate over 80%.

Stop sending paper resumes. Start sending video pitches.

To learn the mindset and tools of this revolutionary approach, you can take the Job Hunt Crash Course.

We’ll take you step-by-step from zero to hired. 

 Clarify your career direction
 Learn what employers are really looking for
 Build a body of work (a digital portfolio)
 Learn where the coolest companies are
 Pitch your way into an interview
 Nail the interview and get hired

For months I was struggling to fit my non-traditional experiences into a resume and it simply didn’t work. With Crash, I was able to go from pitch to interview to offer within 24 hours. It felt like magic.

George Garcia

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