Why Crash Exists

Our small little way of helping people be fully alive is to help make the job hunt not suck.

Crash exists because the job hunt sucks.

And when the job hunt sucks, it gets the job off on the wrong foot, which gets the career off course, which makes life worse.

Lots of people are just sort of suffering through work and life. Our mission is to help people discover and do what makes them come alive. People who are fully alive are a lot more fun, and make the world more fun!

Our small little way of helping people be fully alive is to help make the job hunt not suck. To help people feel empowered and in the driver’s seat on the hunt, winning jobs they like, rather than like cogs filling out forms and waiting on fate to give them some kind of mediocre job.

To do this, we knew we needed to build a product and company that is 100% committed to the job seeker as our customer. That’s not easy. Companies and recruiters have deeper pockets than job seekers. They’re an easier cluster to sell to.

But we believe the world doesn’t need another jobs board or applicant tracking system. Most hiring products end up feeling crappy to job seekers, because job seekers aren’t the customer. Seekers feel like inputs – like they are the product – because most of the time they are. Fill out some forms, give away your data, and get crunched up into some algorithm that’s sold to some recruiters or shoved through some AI bot.

No wonder job seekers feel kinda dehumanized by the whole process. No wonder they feel like they have no power, and hiring managers hold all the cards.

We didn’t want more of that because job seekers don’t need more of that.

All the people I’ve met who are fully alive and working jobs they don’t hate have not won those jobs by mass applying with paper credentials. They’ve won them by being different, being unique, tapping into their personality and making connections outside of bureaucratic HR systems.

Crash exists to flip the script

Crash exists to enable job seekers to show their interest, ability, and personality in a new way. To flip the script and put seekers in charge of what they send and how and to whom. To help seekers realize they have value to offer, and if they focus on companies that excite them and run their job hunt like a sales process, they will turn heads and win offers – and have fun doing it!

We want to be accountable to job seekers because Crash is for job seekers. If we’re not helping job seekers win, we want to feel it and fix it. We’re not here to turn seekers into uniform widgets easy for HR software to process. We’re here to expand the power of job seekers so they can Crash through the gates, bypass the gatekeepers, and win awesome opportunities.

And we’re working every day to help job seekers succeed on their career journey. We win if they win.

Companies will do their thing. Recruiters will do their thing. We want job seekers to kick ass at doing their thing.

We believe finding and winning a job should be as fun as working in one. (Yeah, we believe work can and should be fun.) Imagine a world where people felt excitement instead of stress about discovering and doing work every day? That’s worth building. One individual at a time. That’s why Crash exists.

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