Science-Based Sales® Professional - SDR for hire. Looking to join and crush it at an innovative, goals-driven sales team.

Clarity > Closing®.

As an SDR, I thrive on the cold call effectively by prospecting, qualifying, and scheduling both marketing and sales-qualified leads.

My goal as an SDR is to bring clarity to our clients because clarity leads to closing. I want to make the Account Executive's job easy. I will help clients understand why their business NEEDS our software and all of the benefits it offers. Give them that "a-ha" moment and then schedule a meeting with the AE.

I can show them that the juice is worth the squeeze.

In the next three years of the SaaS industry I see myself being promoted to Account Executive and then into an SDR Management position. What's most important to me is growing at a company where I can collaborate with my co-workers and team- express myself. This allows me to feel the dynamic of the team and therefore, closer to the products/services that we are selling. I believe that expression leads to new ideas.

When I'm not creating a buying atmosphere for my clients you can find me watching or playing hockey in the rink, parking lot, or on a frozen lake.

I value meeting new and interesting people who share the same passions and have the same drive as I do. My idea of a business-friendly client relationship is going to a sport event together or shooting golf balls at the range. I don't focus on closing deals but rather helping find my clients find clarity so we can work together to solve their biggest challenges.

preHIRED Certified Science-Based Sales Pro
3 months

My preHIRED mentors trained me in sales methodologies, tools, skills, & workflows to be at the top 5% of sales performers.

ABP- Account Executive
6 months

• Hunting to acquire new accounts using Salesforce & effective cold calling, emails, & Linkedin • Developing a pipeline, effectively move accounts through the sales stages

Midwest Orthopaedics RUSH- Clinical Research Development Manager
2 years

Work under the direction of Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeons per protocol, recruiting qualified candidates into FDA clinical trials

Cold Call Example

This is a cold call demonstrating that I know how to effectively outreach to prospects and book meetings!