Dana Arends
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Sales roles
I'm a communicator and connector. I'll build communities around your brand and increase revenue.

Hi, I’m Dana! I’ve run marketing campaigns, built websites, organized tens of thousands of dollars worth of product, and created a mini philosophy-themed cooking show. I completed a month long intensive project where I increased the revenue of my family’s business in a three act system I developed myself! Now, I’m ready to bring all these skills and my excitement to learn more to marketing and sales roles! Let’s talk about how I would make a great fit on your team.

Excited to relocate anywhere in United States
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Work Experience

Product Director/Marketing Assistant - My Midlife Closet

6 months

Marketing And Operations Utility Player - The Back 40

4 years

Banquet Server - Willmar Conference Center

6 months


How I helped create year-round profitability for my family's small business

What I did and what I learned from turning a farmers market booth into a year-round artisan bread subscription.

Link: https://danaarends.com/how-i-used-technology-to-help-turn-this-farmers-market-booth-into-a-profitable-multi-revenue-stream-year-round-operation-mostly-just-to-spite-minnesota-winters/

Copywriting Example: Medium article on financial literacy for kids

Three ways to set your kids up for success in life (financially and otherwise).

Link: https://medium.com/@dana.arends/three-ways-to-set-your-kids-up-for-success-in-life-d3a0b1f0a337

Blog Post: Overview of my work experience at My Midlife Closet

My 6 month journey from part-time clothes-steamer to Director of Product at a style-based startup: what I did, what I learned, and why it applies moving forward.

Link: https://medium.com/@dana.arends/working-in-the-whirlwind-a03c9f014b6f

Project Overview: How I increased revenue for my family's small business.

Sales, marketing, and ops—oh my! These three mini-projects all worked together towards one common goal: increasing revenue during the killer midwinter slump.

Link: https://danaarends.com/the-grand-finale/

I filmed and produced a philosophy-themed cooking show

Who would’ve thought that philosophy plus cooking could actually work? An exclusive look at a project focused on communicating large ideas in easy-to-understand (and delicious) ways.

Link: https://danaarends.com/3-2-1-philosophy-is-fun-behind-the-scenes/

How I committed to blogging 32 days in a row

A huge part of marketing is creating and shipping content on a schedule -- I did this daily for over a month. Here's what I did, what I learned, and some (hopefully) handy tips.

Link: https://danaarends.com/32-days-of-blogging-if-i-can-do-it-you-can-do-it/

Dana Arends: Pursuing Marketing and Sales Roles

A short video telling how I got here and where I want to go (professionally).

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23-oaHObM7Q&feature=youtu.be

Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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