Daniel D.
Interested in Intermediate Sales roles
Will book high quality leads your account executives can convert into won deals

Early in my life I was given some great advice. I was told to figure out how I could add value to the world around me... to figure out how I could use my unique skills and perspective to make the world around me better. If I did that, I was told I would be successful. Of course I didn't know exactly how to do that at first. Who does? But with some patience and perseverance, I realized my greatest asset is my desire to help other people. And my greatest skill is my ability to engage with people and share information.

Naturally a career in sales made sense. Whether it's prospecting and cold calling... or running a discovery call... qualifying a prospect... or delivering a unique value proposition. I look at how I can make a difference in the sales process and add value to every step. I evaluate every interaction based on the value I'm providing to the prospect. There will always be another skill or strategy to learn but when you focus on how to create the most value for your customers success always seems to find you.

Remote or Chicago, IL
Enrolled in Prehired Learn more

Work Experience

Owner/SDR/Account Executive - Kenora One, LLC

> 5 years

• Analyzed and evaluated potential deals

• Generated leads and expanded list of potential partners

• Qualified homeowners and presented investment opportunities to interested investors

preHIRED - Certified in Science-Based Sales®

3 months

Researched and replicated sales systems from the preHIRED Science-Based Sales® methodology. This process covers the many parts of the sales development process including:

• Prospecting to generate high quantity & quality sales leads • Qualification to ensure alignment between buyer and seller • Advisory to uncover value/insight, create urgency, remove barriers, and close deals • Discovery to dive deep into prospects' goals, challenges, and solutions • Training on CRM's, lead generation, sales automation, and productivity tools

SDR/Account Executive - Dignity Memorial

1 year

• Managed existing customer relationships

• Cold called previous customers

• Highest performing sales representative by volume

• Rated 997 out of 1000 JD Powers score

Outside Account Executive - Bath Planet of Chicagoland

6 months

• Presented company products and benefits to preset appointments

• Handled objections

• Negotiated terms and closed deals in one meeting

Tech Stack




LinkedIn Sales Navigator







Microsoft Office

Google Calendar

Google Sheets

Google Drive





Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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