Hey there, I'm David Ballard!

Science-Based Sales® Member

Highly motivated and ambitious SDR for hire. I will prospect and qualify tons of leads and schedule them for an Account Executive!

Sales=Life is my motto: everything in life requires you to have selling skills. It's a skillset we use on a daily basis, even if you're not in sales!

Having started my own candy business in middle school and continuing from there, I consider myself a natural-born entrepreneur and salesman. I seem to have a knack for sniffing out great opportunities and I have the drive and grit to "secure the bag". After my middle school hustle, I began working in Retail and have built my sales methodology over the years through courses, mentorship, and personal development. After years of successes, achievements, and upward movement, I felt it was time to move on. Now, I have stepped into the world of Software Sales, and I am enthusiastic about where I'll be headed next.

I believe in finding the right product for my clients. I call it honest selling. Additionally, I believe quality of sales will ALWAYS trump quantity of sales. Pair that with my customer service experience, and you've got a dynamo power seller that can't be stopped!

When I'm not selling, I am always looking for my next steps. I like to trade on the foreign exchange (currently undergoing evaluation with a prop firm), I play video games (recently just finished Dragon Quest XI), and spending time with my cat and my fiance (not necessarily in that order)

I am always striving to develop and grow, so I am always seeking out wisdom so that I can be a better human and a better professional!

Sample Cold Call

In this cold call, I convince my mentor (who is impersonating an SDR manager at Outreach.io) to schedule an interview with me for an SDR role.

1 month

I am able to develop sequences and pipelines to develop leads through prospecting, qualifying, and scheduling.

Sales Manager
5-9 years

I have been in Sales for most of my life. During this time, I have developed a strong sales methodology and have been able to use this methodology to lead and coach several teams of salespeople to successfully achieve and surpass goals set by my companies.

G Suite