Craftsperson illustration


  • Carefully consider, craft, and shape the things you work on.
  • Are precise and take pride in your work.
  • Sweat the details no one else can see.
  • Your main weaknesses are perfectionism and not meeting deadlines.
Visionary illustration


  • Develop transformational new ideas and visions.
  • Have courage to stick with ideas when others think they are crazy.
  • Have the ability to dream something into reality.
  • Your main weakness is that you can stay up in the clouds and forget to come back down to Earth.
Storyteller illustration


  • Communicate with others in a narrative style.
  • Captivate your audience and help them envision a new reality.
  • Can get any person to see themselves as a hero.
  • Your main weakness is that you can get caught up in the story you are telling and mistake it for reality.
Tester illustration


  • Use data, research, and testing to answer questions and form opinions.
  • Make sustained, incremental progress that compounds over time.
  • Get unstuck and find breakthroughs by systematically asking questions and exploring all possibilities.
  • You main weakness is exploring every option in the name of thoroughness instead of moving on to the next problem.
Rescuer illustration


  • Help the people around you solve their problems.
  • Are quick on your feet and easily calm people down by making them feel listened to and understood.
  • Put out small fires before they become a blaze.
  • Your main weakness is that you can sometimes focus on pacifying people with a quick fix instead of tackling the root cause.
Wise Counselor illustration

Wise Counselor

  • Transfer your knowledge to people looking to solve problems themselves.
  • Have the ability to create accurate mental models of exactly who you are talking with and how to best help them.
  • Your main weakness: You can overwhelm people with too much information and get in the weeds.
Detective illustration


  • Use tools, systems, and processes to understand people.
  • Have excellent research capabilities.
  • Your main weakness: You can become too reliant on tools and miss out on valuable qualitative insight.
Connector illustration


  • Connect the right people to the best products and ideas that get them closer to their goals.
  • Easily adapt to new situations.
  • Your main weakness: You can lack attention to detail.
Mediator illustration


  • Align the big picture vision with available concrete resources.
  • Easily adapt to new situations and make things work.
  • Do a good job of prioritizing the most effective work to do next.
  • Your main weakness: You can focus too much on getting input from everyone instead of making a quick decision.
Architect illustration


  • Turn ideas into concrete plans and set them in motion.
  • Are excellent at bringing chaotic situations into organized systems.
  • Your main weakness is getting in the weeds and over planning instead of acting.
Hunter illustration


  • Prefer the ball to be in your court, always driving initiatives and processes to close deals.
  • Have the ability to connect with many people and maintain the relationships at scale.
  • Your main weakness is that you can sometimes come off as aggressive and pushy.
Communicator illustration


  • Promote the most persuasive messages where they will be most visible to the right audiences.
  • Use data as a muse.
  • Your main weakness is that you can focus too much on short term objectives and harm long term initiatives.
Fixer illustration


  • Bridge the gap between vision and execution. You are the one people turn to when they need something done and don't know how to make it happen.
  • Easily translate ideas into reality.
  • Your main weakness is Drawback: Can be too risk averse with new ideas if they require new systems.
Provider illustration


  • Understand how to fix peoples' most difficult problems.
  • Are always moving forward on solutions even in the face of the most challenging obstacles.
  • Your main weakness is that you can sometimes promise the moon and under-deliver.
Hacker illustration


  • Take apart problems and find ways to make them better.
  • Are great at finding solutions other people miss.
  • Understand the parts and can build a better whole.
  • Your main weakness is that you can have a tendency to jump to the shiny new problem instead of completing the one you are working on.
Planner illustration


  • Are great at getting big ideas laid out step by step.
  • Are good at making dreams a reality.
  • Break things down into manageable chunks.
  • Your main weakness is that you tend to think in terms of existing systems instead of thinking outside the box. This sometimes complicates things unnecessarily.
Analyzer illustration


  • Collect data and information on all possible angles.
  • Are highly analytical and use data to inform your insights.
  • Can see the connections no one else does.
  • Your main weakness is that you can get stuck in paralysis by analysis and not make progress.
Promoter illustration


  • Distribute persuasive and helpful communication as widely as possible.
  • Can naturally deliver similar messages from multiple angles to see what works best.
  • Your main weakness is that you can have too many irons in the fire and spread yourself thin.
Helper illustration


  • Help others get from where they’re at to a better place.
  • Understand a wide variety of perspectives.
  • Your main weakness is that you can put off personal goals to help others succeed.
Closer illustration


  • Overcome all obstacles that prevent completing things.
  • Focus intently on the finish line.
  • Your main weakness is that you can overvalue winning at the expense of your reputation.