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Sales sounds scary or scammy to most people. It’s not! Sales is about connecting people to ideas, problems to solutions, desires to decisions. It tends to be fast-paced, highly social, game-like, and relationship-based.

Sales is sometimes called “business development”, or, “account management”. It involves an interesting combination of organization/process/detail work and adaptive/interpersonal/communication work. It’s equal parts art and science, persistent repetition and creative innovation.

Entry-level sales roles are hard. They’re not for everyone. But they are an excellent way to understand customers and products, test your abilities, learn about yourself, and build key skills. Sales skills are highly transferable, and people who start out in sales can go on to succeed in just about anything. Often successful salespeople go on to management roles later in their careers, or become CEOs or founders, since they are good at rallying people to a vision.

A day-in-the-life of an entry level salesperson often consists of research to find potential customers and their contact info, sending out lots of emails, and making or taking phone calls. The easiest are emails and calls to people who are already interested in your product. The hardest are those to people who have never heard of it. Both are typically required.

There are lots of different types of sales roles, and each company has a culture of its own. But most require a lot of grit, some level of extraversion, confidence, competitiveness, willingness to learn from failure, and ability to not take things personally.

Sales is not for the faint of heart, but if mastered, can give you superpowers!

It’s often said that everyone should try a sales role at least once. Most people don’t think they’ll like it, but many end up loving it.

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