David Joe Braden
Interested in Entry level Sales roles
A team player who gives 110%, looking forward to crushing it in Software Sales!

Skilled in Customer Service, Information Technology, Employee Training, Strategic Planning, Customer Satisfaction, and Sales Development.

In preHIRED’s Science-Based Sales®, I learned how to reach out to ideal prospects, write effective and compelling emails, handle smart calls, run qualification calls, discovery calls, overcome objections, run cold calls, and much more to help your team build a high-quality and a high-quantity pipeline!

Also, I learned that the top salespeople are a resource for their clients. Which excites me because I enjoy cultivating relationships and helping people. I learned about how a genuine curiosity is something that promotes continual growth, as it helps build relationships by asking questions and genuinely listening. By asking good questions I can drill down to CLARIFY the needs of the client and what matters most, which allows me to provide the most value to prospects and clients.

Within the next 3 years, I want to be in the top 5% of all SaaS SDRs in the country. I believe with the knowledge and skills I learned in preHIRED I can make that happen!

I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. Going to concerts and sporting events such as football, baseball, and looking forward to taking my son to a soccer game...he is a huge soccer fan!

Atlanta, GA
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Work Experience

Installer At Construction Install Service

> 5 years


1 year

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